Air 4D- Marine 4kW Heater Kit in 12 or 24V- Autoterm

Autoterm Air 4D - 4Kw Marine Air Heater Kit

Choice of 12V or 24V Heater

Choice of Controller

Comes with Marine Stainless Mounting Plate and Stainless Exhaust Hull Adaptor


Optional Parts Below

Air ducting

Air diverting Y's and T's

Flanges and grills for air outlets

Control panel extension cables




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Customize Air 4D- Marine 4kW Heater Kit in 12 or 24V- Autoterm
Comfort Control AT0050/1 - Autoterm   + €95.00

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Air 4D-  Marine 4kW Heater Kit in 12 or 24V- Autoterm
Air 4D- Marine 4kW Heater Kit in 12 or 24V- Autoterm

In stock



    NEW EU Manufactured Unit

    Available in 12V and 24V options

    Autoterm Heaters come with a standard 2 year warranty, if you have the unit installed by a registered Autoterm installer- this warranty increases to 3 years. 

    See our list of registered installers below

    Registered Autoterm Installers Ireland


    Marine Standard kit includes all elements listed at the bottom of this description

    General Information

    When traveling on a boat, comfort is essential, especially if the climate is cold or humid.

    AUTOTERM Air 4D Marine set is intended for Boats/Yachts of up to 48ft/15m long.

    The heater will keep your cabin dry and warm, and stop humid or cold weather from ruining your journey.

    This is the smallest installation kit for boats and yachts offered from Autoterm.

    The set includes a standard installation kit for the AUTOTERM Air 4D air heater and minimal required marine accessories, including a mounting plate, and an exhaust adapter for use without an air ducting system.

    The heater is equipped with a brush-less induction motor that ensures a low noise and minimises interference with sleep.

    Extend your sailing season till the ice comes!

    Technical parameters:
    Marine set: Small

    Boats/Yachts: Max 48ft/15m

    Heating power: 4 kW

    Voltage: 12V

    Fuel: Diesel

    Control unit with High Altitude Sensor

    Standard Kit Includes Below

    Your choice of 12V or 24V Autoterm Air 4D heater- EU manufactured

    Choice of controller - PU-27, Comfort Control or New Touch Screen PU-28