Flow 14D 12/24V Marine Kit with Digital Controller - Autoterm

Flow 14D 12/24V Marine Kit with Digital Controller - Autoterm

Autoterm Baltica S

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The specialist's friend for small projects

The AUTOTERM Baltica S is a highly versatile accessories kit for room & domestic water heating. Baltica S is available in an assembly type kit with basic parts to achieve room & domestic water heating for any custom van, small camper or small boat project.

Excellent for: Vans, small campers & boats Up to 2 room heating & domestic water Max altitude: 1000m

A full heating solution from AUTOTERM that allows you to heat from 1-2 rooms with 2 fan coil heat-exchangers. As this kit comes with the 5 kW AUTOTERM Flow 5 heater it will be controlled via the Comfort Control panel and an additional panel for fan coil speed control.

Baltica S versatility is best utilized with 2 hot coolant circulation circuits that can be easily controlled by a manual valve or an electric valve.

Basic Kit Contents

Autoterm Flow 5 heater standard kit x1
Comfort Control panel x1
CHX heating matrix x2
FC9 fan speed controller x1
Relay set for FC9 power supply x1
T-shape hose adapter 16mm x4
Bleeding valve 16mm x2
T-shape hose adapter 18mm x2
Passive plate heat exchanger x1
Thermostatic mixing valve x1
Manual ball valve male-female 1/2" x2
T-shape brass connector 1/2" x1
Fitting 1/2" for 18mm hose x4
Fitting 1/2" for 16mm hose x1
Hose adapter 18-16mm x2
Spring clamps for 18mm hose x14
Spring clamps for 16mm hose x20