Flow 5D/5B 12/24v Marine Kit with Controller - AUTOTERM

Flow 5D/5B 12/24v Marine Kit with Controller - AUTOTERM

Flow 14D 12/24V Marine Kit with Digital Controller - Autoterm

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AUTOTERM Flow 14D liquid heater, also known as a water heater, operates independently from the engine. Previously known as 14TC-MINI.

This medium-sized heater, with a 14.5 kW heat output, works in unison with the car salon fan to pre-heat large vehicle engines and compartments, thus eliminating cold start and supplying comfortable warm air to the passenger compartment in the cold season. Newer car models may need a third party EPCU block to heat the passenger compartment.

AUTOTERM Flow 14D is powered by diesel fuel and is available in 12V and 24V DC versions.

In extremely cold environments, the AUTOTERM Flow 14D pre-heater also works as an auxiliary heater by helping the engine to reach its optimal working temperature where necessary when driving.

AUTOTERM Flow 14D comes with full installation kit and is often used as a heater for small radiator systems or boilers with a maximum capacity of 70 litres.

We recommend this product to those who wish to additionally heat truck engines, motorhomes or yachts with liquid heating systems.