Air 2D 12V External Kit With Standard Control

External Kit With Standard Control

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Air 2D is the most compact diesel-powered air heater from Autoterm Air series.

The heater unit uses fresh air from outside or from a well-ventilated room, then heats it up quickly, thus providing comfort and warmth in low temperature environments.

The heater’s maximum power output is 2 kW and it is capable of heating up 75 m3 space hourly, and maintaining your desired temperature.

With its compact design, Air 2D can be easily installed or retrofitted in almost any land vehicle, marine transport vehicle, or fixed premises and is supplied with a full installation kit, whether you choose the 12V or the 24V DC version.

Already reasonably priced, the Air 2D maintains its low cost further due to its excellent fuel economy (even at maximum power), consuming only 0.24 litres of diesel fuel per hour.

All Autoterm Air Heaters are equipped with brushless induction motors that ensure low noise levels as well as a long lifetime for the device and the capability to operate in extreme environments and temperatures as low as -45°C/-49°F.

Autoterm air heaters can be controlled with various control panels or remotely via your iOS or Android smartphone (remote control modem sold separately).

This is a great product for those who need to additionally heat small truck cabins, commercial vehicle cabins and cargo compartments, small campers, off-highway vehicles, small greenhouses, mountain houses or boats of up to 33 ft/10 m.

This kit is designed to install the Air 2D 12v heater underneath a small van or campervan with the standard PU5 controller


The kit includes the  following

Air 2D 12v heater

Fuel pump cable

Power supply cable 6.5 metre

Air intake hose silencer

Clamp for fuel pump with rubber gasket

Metering fuel pump – Thomas Magnete

Control panel cable

Control panel extension cable

PU5 standard controller- not thermostatically controlled (internal temp sensor available separately)

Fuel stand pipe

Heat insulation  28*5*450mm

Silencer with mounting kit

Exhaust Pipe

All clips, brackets etc


1.5 m of 60mm internal heater ducting

Internal ducting grill by 2

Internal pipe connector  60mm by 2

2 by 60mm jubilee clips

External 2D mounting bracket





Additional information

Control Panel

PU5, PU27


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