Metering Fuel pump Thomas Magnete 12v

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Fuel pump 12V, assy.P326-12V Suitable for all modifications of AUTOTERM air heaters: PLANAR 4DM2 12V  PLANAR 44D 12V PLANAR 8DM 12V  and engine pre-heaters 14TCmini 12V.

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Fuel pump Thomas Magnete 12V, assy.P326-12V

The metering fuel pump Thomas Magnete is suitable for all the following modifications of AUTOTERM heaters in voltage 12V:

Air heaters:

  • AUTOTERM Air 4D (previously known as PLANAR 4D)
  • AUTOTERM Air 8D (previously known as PLANAR 8D)
  • AUTOTERM Air 9D (previously known as PLANAR 9D)

Engine pre-heaters (Liquid heaters):

  • AUTOTERM Flow 14D (previously known as 14TCmini)


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