SAHARA D60 Water Heat Exchanger with Fan 24v

200.00 Including VAT

Water heat exchanger with fan, suitable for the AUTOTERM Flow 5 D/B and AUTOTERM Flow 14D

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Voltage: 24V

Nominal air flow: 350 m3/h

This heat exchanger has a 3-speed fan

Heating capacity, Ethylene glycol: 6.4 kW

4 x 60 mm air sleeves for even hot air distribution

Inlet & outlet for ethylene glycol: 16 mm

Maximum allowable inner temperature °C: 100

Maximum reachable inner temperature with AUTOTERM Flow series heater °C: 88

Rotary switch can be purchased separately to allow for fan control.

Suitable for the following liquid heaters:

  • AUTOTERM Flow 5D/5B
  • AUTOTERM Flow 14D


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